Welcome to my blog! This page was created while enrolled in ACOM 5308 at Texas Tech University. I listed the description and class blog for further information below.I am a first year graduate student achieving my masters in communications. I love my family, my friends, my life,meeting and learning new things. Last but not least having Christ in my life! My main goal in life will be to become a agricultural based lawyer. My blog will reflect my interests, hobbies and my goals. Hope you enjoy.

Course catalog description:

Identify agricultural audiences, conduct analyses, and use results to evaluate and produce online media that utilizes design fundamentals, visual communication theories, and new media technology.

Practical Description:

The purpose of this course is the identify emerging media in online communication and discuss how these media relate to agricultural communications. This includes – but is not limited to – social media (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook), website usability, mobile marketing, and website development (WordPress). The course changes each year to reflect the changes in technology.

Class Website: ACOM 5308

I can not wait to blog about my adventures at Texas Tech and the cooking tips I gained while living on my own.


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